Mainland Student in Hong Kong

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Mainland Students in Hong Kong               


By now, it's been 13 years since Hong Kong was handed over to China. Since 2002, Hong Kong universities began to recruit students in mainland China. Since then, there have been more and more mainland students rushing to Hong Kong to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies. According to the statistics of Hong Kong's government, there are more than 25,000 mainland students studying or working in Hong Kong in 2008, and getting a satisfying job and remaining in Hong Kong after graduation is the aim of the majority of mainland students.

However, relative to the large amount of mainland graduates, the actual employment rate of mainland graduates in Hong Kong is small, less than 18%, which accounts for less than 7% of the overall number of talented migrants.

As the minority in Hong Kong, they have to face many more challenges such as study pressure, a language barrier, and lack of support, unlike local students in order to manage their lives and studies, and realize their Hong Kong dreams.

What are the difficulties that mainland students come across? How can they deal with them and become successful students to finally achieve their goals in Hong Kong?

This article reveals three different stories of successful mainland students in Hong Kong. Their stories may not be as incredible as many more well known people’s stories’ but are also intriguing, touching and inspiring.

Turning Obstacles to Opportunities -----Zhang Yu’s story

“If you treat every challenge as opportunity, you will never be afraid whatever difficulties you come across.”

His name is Zhang Yu, a mainland graduate from City University of Hong Kong from the class of 2008. Despite the financial tsunami, he has become a successful equity trader working in Central with a satisfying salary at a time when unemployment has risen dramatically. He has fulfilled the Hong Kong dream that nearly every mainland student strives for.

What is the secret that he possesses to achieve success? Is he particularly strong? Is he particularly intelligent? The answer is: not much more so than the average student. What he does possess is a belief that pushes him to overcome obstacles and pursue his objectives.

An Important Decision in His Life

Zhang was born in Shenzhen, which is north of Hong Kong and influenced by it in many aspects. He was diligent student who always excelled in his studies. He studied in Zhong Shan University, one of the top ten universities in China. It was a turning point when City University of Hong Kong came to Zhong Shan University for freshman recruitment in 2003. At the time, Hong Kong universities were still a new concept in mainland China – very few students paid attention to the opportunity. It seemed stupid to give up a prestigious university degree to study in an unfamiliar university, but Zhang took the risk regardless of others’ warnings simply because he was curious about Hong Kong ever since he was very young. He had no idea whether his decision was sensible or not, however, the boldness of his action has changed his entire life.

Becoming a Minority

Zhang was admitted as a freshman to City University of Hong Kong in September 2003, majoring in Social and Public Administration. Because of his remarkable score in Zhong Shan University, he was awarded a full scholarship to the university. Luckily, unlike other mainland students who have a language barrier, he was a native speaker of Cantonese. However, his enthusiasm soon turned to depression when he discovered that he was exposed to a totally new world although the people living there looked like him, and even spoke the same language as him. There was a great deal of unexpected challenges and differences overwhelming him – he became a minority.

Planning for Future

Most Hong Kong students had...
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