Main Purpose of Education

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Main purpose of education
Nowadays,Hong Kong education system has an controversial issue which is about the teachers train their students in order to ensure they obtain the highest grade in public examination. As a result ,they do not know how to apply the knowledge they learned into the workplace. Teachers only teach the knowledge and students recites the information from the textbook,thus many secondary school graduates are lack of the ability to present their opinion and idea in a precise and organized way..The current education system ignores the main purpose of education which is to train the students’ critical thinking in the lesson.

Practicing the critical thinking is definitely essential for the students because they have to contact with the hustle business environment after they graduate from the college. If they can elaborate their point of views in current affairs clearly before they graduate, they could compete with other candidates and have the higher opportunity to be hired by employer. The world is changing and going forward gradually, as Charles Darwin have said ‘Survival of the fittest’.There is a great deal of workers who has high education level in society, the employer tend to employ the people who can criticize and analyze social topic with valid reasons since well critical thinker can communicate effectively and easier to find solution of complicated problems.Provided that the students equip with critical thinking, they can be an independent and lifelong learners.

Moreover , being a competitive worker should apply the critical thinking in the daily life ,instead of reciting the theory from the textbook. Even if students can comprehend the textbook’s knowledge ,it still have colossal difference between the theory and real condition. For instance, if you learned the marketing skill through the textbook, it is impossible to duplicate the whole theory in the varied business environment since there are numerous uncertain and...
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