Main Points

Topics: Writing, Education, World Wide Web Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Initial Writing Sample: Main Points
Throughout reading the article on “Studies Explore Whether the Internet Makes Students Better Writers” by Josh Keller, there are a few points to pick up on. The first point being made is that some scholars say that students no a days have a more enhanced skill for writing. In other cases some are saying, by using online blogs and/or tweeting can cause a student to form bad writing habits and become less efficient in a classroom setting. A second point that’s made in the article is, people who are using the outside of school social web are being more persistent within their writing. People are always communicating using writing, whether it be emailing, tweeting, or blogging, the web demands people to write. Another point that comes up is seeing how people write online. From seeing that it can guide a student to see how other write and they can pick up on that to help further improve their own writing skills, however some scholars again believe you should learn it from a classroom setting. The last point that was made was when people write about things they strongly believe in or even about themselves, they have more meaning and they are forced to be aware of what they are saying because a larger audience is viewing what is being said. When students write papers for school they are more focused on the topic they’re writing about and the audience is a lot smaller. Everyone has different view on how we learn or should be taught, but the internet does have a lot to offer people now and it can really help us become better in many aspects of life.
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