Main Characters in the Crucible

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: October 14, 2010
The Crucible, a play written to criticize the Red Scare, involves a theme which focuses on how the characters change as an effect of the intensity and hysteria of the town’s witch trials. Elizabeth Proctor and Reverend Hale, two major characters in the play, experience internal changes as the play progresses due to the individual pressures of the witch trials. Elizabeth Proctor faces the test of having been accused as a witch, having her husband be accused and condemned as a witch, and trying to move past her husband’s affair with a local girl. Reverend Hale was challenged by the corruption of the ministry in Salem and encountered much adversity while doing his job, seeking out witchcraft. Both of these characters come to realize the witch trials only result in death and lies, which causes these characters to evolve.

Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife, is accused of witchcraft and undergoes many tribulations that cause her to change internally. In the beginning of the play, Elizabeth has a tense, distant relationship with her husband because he had an affair with Abigail Williams, who is both the Proctors’ antagonist and uses pathos to cause strife between them. Elizabeth still had not been able to forgive John for this, causing their relationship to suffer. However, the accusations brought against them by Abigail force Elizabeth and John to pull together and unite against their accusers. She is able to move past John’s sin when saying, “John, it come to naught that I should forgive you, if you’ll not forgive yourself” (Miller 138). Elizabeth is able to let John know that she does not hold his sin against him anymore, and he should not as well. Elizabeth also changes from being an incredibly truthful person to one that is willing to lie to save her husband. When John is accused, he tells the court that he has committed adultery with Abigail, and this is why Abigail is accusing him. However, the court does not believe him, so John has Elizabeth...
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