Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the drawbacks of the home schooling. Central Idea: I believe the traditional schools are better than homeschooling. Can homeschooling do a good job?
Some information is from (,0) I. Education is a big problem for people. Parents really care about it because it is related to children’s future. It may decide what kind of job the children can do, how hard the job is, how much salary they can get. All of us want the children have a better future and they can give good lives to their children and companions (kang pan nian si). We used to go to traditional schools and get the educations and knowledge from the teachers. II. Nowadays, parents have gotten enough of them, and they want to change the situations (se qiu ei sheng si). They believe that they can give the better educations to their children. They refuse (rui phy s) to send their children to the traditional schools and try to home school their children. In the “How Families Home school Their Teens,” by Cali Cohen (ka li kao en), he explains (ei ke si plan) three approaches (a kao che si) of homeschooling. They had the different situations (se qiu ei sheng s), but all of them enjoy those. Nikki-the long distance learner, enrolled (in rou de) in the American School, a fully accredited (e kuai rui di dei de), independent study correspondence (ke ruo s bang deng si) institution ( in si du tu sheng). David Jackson learned anything he wanted to learn at home and explored (e ke si plao de) his world. Andy Herndon (heng deng), he learned not only what he wanted to learn, he learned knowledge that he can learned in the traditional school. III. However, I believe the traditional schools are better than homeschooling because the teachers know how to train children in right ways, and children can make more friends in traditional schools. Body:

Some information is from (...
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