Mail-Order Brides-Is It Ethical Rough Draft

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Mail Order Brides-Is it Ethical
Autumn M Leslie
May 13, 2012
Gina Renee Denton

Mail Order Brides-Is it Ethical
Mail order brides are becoming socially acceptable however is it ethical? Some say that it is morally wrong while others argue that they have tried to find someone on their own without success so that leads them to search for a companion outside their own country. The modern mail-order bride industry in some ways is no different than arranged marriages of the past, where families sent “picture brides” to lonely men in foreign countries. The original mail-order bride system grew out of necessity based on specific cultural conditions. The modernized version of “picture brides” is a multi-million dollar industry. This type of matchmaking business relies on stereotypes and transnational economic inequalities. Few countries that the mail-order agencies recruit brides from oppose the bride trade, the United States and the international legal system support the industry’s legality. Although they admit that the business is “largely unregulated, unmonitored and unstudied.” The United States has acted on the trafficking of mail-order brides only though immigration laws. And in 1996 the U.S. Congress formally recognized the existence of the mail-order bride industry and its potentially negative effects in section 652 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, which requires that the mail-order bride agencies disclose information to the women they recruit. As of today the U.S. legislature has failed to pass any law that directly halts the industry or regulates the consumer husbands and weak U.S. measures along with lack of international regulations has allowed the mail-order bride industry to one that is very lucrative. Historically the industry was one that came about out of necessity. During the settlement and development of North America the majority of the immigrants who traveled across the ocean were men....
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