Maiden Voyage by Denton Welch: Tension-Filled Prose

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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This passage, ‘Maiden Voyage’, written by Denton Welch, is a tension filled prose about the experience of a character, who loiters around alone in a foreign land. It starts with a slow pace, going into length why the character finally decided to embark on a journey alone in his foreign land, escalates to a faster pace as the prose becomes more action-oriented later, which allows the reader to experience the character’s heart-throbbing adventure. The author uses the character’s thoughts and actions to provide an insight into his inquisitiveness, perseverance and submission to the mind-obstructing fear, which create the conflict, loitering alone impulsively, and carry the story forward to the open-to-interpretation ending. The protagonist’s characteristics are highlighted by suspense created by the numerous tension-filled instances. Suspense is created through the tension-filled atmosphere, which is achieved in a quiet foreign-land setting. This is because in a foreign land, especially in a quiet area, one’s security would be compromised because xenophobes may exist and become a potential threat, even more if one wanders alone. This prose is quick to validate that unwelcome possibility from the butler’s stern warning to the protagonist that “foreigners are not very popular here… [refrain from] go[ing] out alone…” By using it as an introductory dialogue to the prose, it suggests that the protagonist will most likely break the violation, which he does later on, and forebodes an unwelcome event. It is in human nature, inquisitiveness, to have the impulse to violate a taboo to find out what will happen, in the protagonist’s case, safety and comfort are compromised. Moving on, the description of the area of the “countryside” creates a chance to spotlight the character’s positive attitude, his perseverance, through his response to the harsh condition. The weather is scorching hot that even “the soles of [protagonist’s] shoes began to burn”. To solve the condition,...
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