Maid of Honor Speech

Topics: English-language films, Marriage, Family Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: March 22, 2013
For those of you who don’t know, my name is Christina and I am the bride's younger sister and maid of honor. I feel both titles made me the luckiest person in the world. First of all I want to thank everyone who made this night possible. No word in the dictionary could explain my relationship with my sister. Paige, not only are you my sister, you were my first friend. We have been through a lot together, and through it all you have become my best friend. There's no one in the world quite like her. But as her sister, I see her a little differently. Most people see her as sweet Paige, but I know her true colors. As most of you know, my sister is going to be graduating college in December. She's probably one of the most intelligent people you would ever meet. But like I said, as her sister, I see her differently. Like the time she failed to realize she left an oven mitt in the oven while cooking a pizza. Or when she would always bring home stray cats and hide them in our closet because she knew mom would disapprove. That's the Paige I know.

I didn't know Scotty before he met Paige, so unfortunately I don't have any embarrassing stories from when he was younger. When I first met Scotty, I wasn’t sure what to think of him, he was quiet, something completely different from my sister. I wasn’t sure that he could handle her outgoing personality. But after seeing the way these two acted towards each other, I knew it was true love. I never thought anyone in this world was good enough to marry my sister, but she found the one that proved my thought wrong. Not only is he going to be my sister’s husband, he will be the father to their child. I can’t picture anyone else more perfect to be part of our family.

I used to believe that Scotty was the lucky one to have my sister, but I've learned over time that they are lucky to have each other. What they have is so precious and special and anyone can see that if you've ever seen them look at each other.

I love you two...
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