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Background of the case
Lady Gaga ( A )
In the summer of 2009 West and Gaga announced they would co-headline an arena tour, the Fames Kills Tour, promoted by Live Nation. WME agent Geiger, who helped put together the tour (both West and Gaga were WME clients). West and Gaga Manage for their tour to last around three months and cover cities across North America. The staging plans were ectremely ambitious. The design called for the stage to extend the entire length of the arena. Production was in full swing. The agreement stated the West would bear the production cost and Gaga would be responsible for specific set elements-such as her piano-that were used only in her performance. The problems began when West famously declared at a televised relief concert for Hurricane Katrina victims that “[U.S. President] George Bush doesn’t care about black people” and stormed the stage at 2006 MTV Europe Music Award after failing to win the best video award, arguing that his video should have won because it “cost a million dolars”. West Experienced a very public breakdown during the VMA’s on September 13, 2009. During 17-year-old singer-songwriter Taylor Swift acceptance speech for the best female video, West jumped up on stage, interrupted her acceptance speech, took the michrophone from her, and began to protest in support of one of the other nominated video’s Beyonce. His action left the crowd in attendance and millions of television viewers stunned. Although he publicly apologized for the incident shortly after, the storm around West didn’t die down. And now, roughly a week after the event West had made a public announcement that he was taking a break from the music industry, sitting a number of personal reason, and officially withdrawing from the tour. Because the schedule for the Fame Kills Tour had been released 2 days after the VMAs and ticket had gone on sales, the process of refunding ticked holder would have to be set in motion. Lady Gaga ( B )

On March 2011, Lady Gaga team decide to pursue a solo tour but option for smaller venues and designs regarding the launching of Gaga’s new album, Born this way. Gaga recorded a new album, titled Born This Way,while on the Monster Ball tour. They had opted for May 23, 2011 release date. Normally there is a three-or-four-month lead time, but announced the album release seven ground. On February13, 2011,Gaga released the album’s first single, also titled Born This Way. By March 2011, in its fourth week release, the song had already sold 1.25 million copies (450.000 in week one, 500.000 in week two, and 300.000 in week three) With the first single release behind them, carter and his Team’s attention to the album release, less than two and a half months away. The problem arise whether to set an intensive marketing effort to support the Born This way album or set a more moderate, less wide-reaching approach and rely on positive word of mouth to propel the album. Product Information

The Fame Kills tour according to the success of Lady Gaga it’s album named the fame. The 1st album launched in Canada on August 19, 2008. And then, Australia, a couple weeks later. The album was released in the U.S. on October 28, 2008 helped by the success of its 1st two singles. Poker face also reached to the top spot on the billboard hot 100. The album debuten in 17th place and eventually reached number six on the billboard’s dance/ electronic album chart. By September 2009 the fame had sold nearly 1,4 millions copies and its songs, led by just dance with 4,5 million copies a combined 11 million unit in the U.S alone. After of her success in her first album in the summer 2009 Lady Gaga choose to collaborate with Kanye to increase his popularity because Kanye was the top 3 artist in 2008. In 2009, the music industry primarily relied on income from selling recorded music in the form of individual songs or albums and selling live music in the form of tickets to concerts. Recorded Music

The recorded music...
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