Magnon of the Spring

Topics: Death, Karma, Christy Cabanne Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Christian Nelson
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Karma and “Manon of the Spring”
Every day we are put into situations where karma seems to have a role in our fate. Whether you believe it or not, it is pretty compelling to wonder. Karma is a huge factor in the movie, “Manon of the Spring,” and plays into the story in several different instances. The theory of karma states that as one does good or bad, the good or the bad will come back around for this person. In the film, we are shown both forms of karma and in a variety of ways. There are many smaller forms of karma in the movie that you may make a case for; however there is one main point that controls the outcome of the entire film as well as the lives of the people in the film. The unfortunate death of Ugolin has karma’s wrath all around it. This example plays a huge role in the outcome of the story and portrays karma at its greatest effect. In the story, we are shown the characters of Ugolin and Papet. Ugolin is Papet’s nephew and the only considered heir to his fortune simply for lack of a better option. All of Papet’s life, he has wanted a son or daughter of his own to hand down his fortune. Unbeknownst to him, he had a son; and he is to blame for his death. Throughout the story we see Ugolin begin to go on a downward spiral due to an eccentric love craze. He sees Manon, daughter of the village hunchback, bathing nude in the springs. From this day forth, Ugolin begins to change in very mysterious ways. The furthest extent of this obsession is when he sews Manon’s ribbon to his bare chest. Papet is pleased to find out that Ugolin finally has a woman to share his wealth, but he doesn’t quite know the specifics. The karma within this situation is only just beginning to present itself. Manon’s father was the village hunchback. Consequently, he was looked down on by the other residents. He was a teacher, an outdoorsman, and also owned his own farm. Due to his unfortunate mutation, he was a last priority in...
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