Magnolia Ice Cream

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San Miguel Corporation has re-launched the Magnolia ice cream brand in the Philippines after a five year absence from the market. Although Magnolia is already strongly represented by margarine, cheese and butter brands, sales of the ice cream brand lagged during the 1990’s, that eventually to the company dropping it from shop shelves.

But because of the existing strong brand name of Magnolia still existing in the form of other dairy products, San Miguel discerned that Magnolia holds a distinctive quality and a brand-awareness that might be the key to its success again. Although the market for ice cream is much more competitive in the Philippines, the company still believes that the existing market dominance in the other segment will do much to strengthen the brand's chances of renewed success in ice cream.

Basically people eat ice cream because it is refreshing. It is not that much of an expensive dessert and people of all ages enjoy a good scoop of ice cream even after a full course meal. There is always room for ice cream.


To expand and increase the market that patronizes and recognizes the quality, palate and the flavours of Magnolia Ice Cream.


Our goal is for our consumers to recognize Magnolia Ice cream as a brand of quality, a brand of distinctive flavours; a brand that provides satisfaction and delight. Now, with Magnolia’s release of its new product line, Magnolia’s Best of the Philippines Collection, our aim is to make the brand more renowned, build up its existing name and generate more favor in the market.


Broad C and D Filipino Families

Magnolia Ice cream, founded in 1952, is the first manufacturer of tropical ice cream flavours like Halo-Halo, Buko Pandán, Maís-Queso, Nangkasúy, Buko Salad and Ube. The brand also offers Mango and other flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry....
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