Magnitude, Cause and Impact of Absenteeism Among Truck Drivers of Bekelcha Transport Share Company

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  • Published: December 30, 2013
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Magnitude, Cause and Impact of Absenteeism Among Truck Drivers of Bekelcha Transport Share Company

By Berhanu Workneh Desta
MBA Student, Adama Science and Technology University
June, 2013
Adama, Oromia State, Ethiopia

2.Statement of the Problem3
3.Objective of the Research4
4.Significance of the Research5
5.Literature Review5
7.Research Activity Plan and Schedule11
8.Budget: Resource Requirements of the Research Project11


Employee absenteeism appears to be among problems organizations may face. Where the problem exists, it can affect organizational performance. However, unless the organization is able to measure and explain absenteeism and predict absence behaviours among its employees, it may be difficult, if not impossible, for the management to take sound decisions that can effectively address the problem. Bekelcha Transport Share Company (BTSC) is one among enterprises competing in the freight transport services market of the country. The company, like its competitors, provides a cross-country, between Ethiopia mainland and Djibouti’s sea port, freight transporting services to exporters and importers. BTSC mainly delivers the freight transporting services using own long distance trucks and drivers while it also subcontracts such services from private owners. The company recognises that there is a growing competition in securing the interests of customers. In the face of this, one of the major problems BTSC is facing is the increasing absenteeism among its truck drivers. The company is keen to find ways to address this problem effectively and ths requires a systematic investigation into the problem. This is why preparing this research proposal is needed. Background of the Company

Bekelcha Transport Share Company (BTSC) is a public enterprise committed to be the top freight transport and related service provider in...
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