Magnetic Storm & Diamonds

Topics: Earth, North Pole, Magnetic field Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Magnetic Storm
This video is about the Earth’s magnetic force and its wavering. The molten iron in the earth creates the magnetic force around the earth. The magnetic force protects the earth, making it possible for life to exist on the planet, unlike other planets with weaker magnetic forces. Recently, though, scientists have discovered that the magnetic field seems to be faltering. The magnetic force starts near the South Pole and extends around the earth close to the North Pole and shields us from the radiation produced in outer space. When the sun produces solar wind the magnetic force repels the charged waves and the only evidence we have of the wind is the chemical reaction that causes the auroras, which occur at the North and South Pole. Using electronic devices and magnets scientists have discovered that Mars has no magnetic core but the crust has strong magnetic forces, and the magnetic forces prove that at one time Mars did have a strong magnetic force. If the magnetic force on earth was to disappear, like the magnetic field on Mars did, the solar radiation would eat away at our atmosphere and essentially blow away all of life. Evidence of the rapid decline of the Earth’s magnetism is proven in pottery, when the clay is fired in the kiln small pieces of magnetite in the clay align magnetism with the Earth’s magnetic field at the time. Experiments have revealed that what could cause the end of our living planet is when the Earth’s core becomes too cold to maintain the magnetism that it currently has. Scientists have made a startling discovery though; evidence shows that approximately once every 200,000 years the Earth’s magnetic field reverses from flowing from north to south, then back again. Some think that the weakening of the magnetic field may be the Earth preparing for another reverse in the magnetic field. Because of navigators’ interest in true north and magnetic north calculation’s have been made of the Earth’s magnetic field for...
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