Magnetic Separator Should Note the Following Points

Topics: Magnetism, Magnetic field, Magnet Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: March 26, 2012
The magnetic separator is one of commonly used preparation equipments in magnetic separation factory. It has dry and wet two types. According to types of magnets, it can be divided into permanent magnet type and electromagnet type. It is also can be divided into strong magnet type, middle magnet type and weak magnet type according to the magnetic field strength. Different magnetic separators have different characteristics and performance. 1, to maintain good lubrication condition is to extend the service life of an important part. Open gears should be sufficient lubricant, bearing cover the filling hole, at least every three months oiling once. 2, regular checks of cylinder wear layer. The loosening or breakage shall promptly repair, repair, breakage at the tape and the cylinder surface should be used sandpaper to play the net, and then glue firmly. 3, should always remove the pulp in the welding rod or wire and the like things, so as not to mine the amount of hours, these things bring to the drum skin worn or scratch. Whether there is foreign matter in the cylinder, can stop when the hole to check both ends of the observation room. The operation of the separator: car water supply to the mine before the first; parking before the first stop to the mining. Normal operation: the main attention to disperse the water to the mine and unloading ore washing water regulation; magnetic declination adjustment. High strength magnetic separator can be dedicated to refining limonite and hematite. Hongxing high strength magnetic separator can be used for separation low grade and weak magnetic limonite and hematite, and improve the grade of 3-7% at once; it solves perfectly the problem that low-grade limonite, hematite cannot be smelting and is difficult to sell. It can also produce considerable economic benefits, and is one investment little, getting effective fast project. As a professional manufacture of wet type and dry type magnetic separator, permanent-magnet drum...
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