Magnet Status

Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Licensed practical nurse Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: November 4, 2011

More and more hospitals are hiring Registered nurses only. I chose this topic to educate licensed vocational nurses on the importance of furthering you degree, if you choose to work anywhere beside a nursing home, doctors’ offices are home health care. The importance of this topic I chose is to confirm the reason I decided to continue my journey to become a Registered nurse. In the changing environment of hospital based care, the transitional role from L.V.N to R.N has become increasingly mandatory. The Magnet program is requiring hospitals to hold their nurses to excellence patient care and the very best organizational skills. (Scott, 2010) As hospitals strive towards magnet status, LVN’s must become part of the evolutionary process. Out-Patient clinics are also expanding their scope of practices to include more technical surgical and diagnostic procedures for their patients. This will require the legal skills of a registered nurse as opposed to what a licensed vocational nurse can legally practice. The economic data has become overwhelming that RN based care Is overall less costly due to their contribution in hospital based evidence of care philosophy. Fewer and fewer hospitals will be using LVN’s according to today’s research. It is more efficient to hire registered nurses in many causes because of his or her scope of practice is much broader than an LVN, said Dorel Harms, RN senior vice president for clinical services for California Hospital Association. (Larson, 2008) This is the trend for most hospitals in the United States. When a nurse is seeking a choice of employment, Magnet status hospitals can be a considerable draw for potential new employees. The economic realities and competition for RN’s can make Magnet status hospitals more a pilling for these nurses. Due to the present economic conditions, many hospitals are being bought, and becoming part of a larger hospital...
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