Magnesium Lab

Topics: Oxygen, Magnesium, Oxide Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Determination of an Empirical Formula

Dylan Klimas
Period 7
Magnesium lab
Purpose: To determine the empirical formula of an oxide of magnesium Materials:
* Crucible
* Crucible Cover
* Crucible tongs
* Triangle pipe stem
* Ceramic Plate
* Ring stand
* Steel wool
* Iron ring
* Bunsen burner
* Flint igniter
* Electronic balance
* 25cm length of Magnesium ribbon
Safely and securely setup your ring stand, ring, and triangle pipe stem. Using the crucible tongs put the crucible onto the triangle pipe stem. Be sure that the cover is ajar, leaving a small opening. Heat the crucible using a high flame for about 5 minutes to drive out any impurities they may be in the crucible. Allow to cool for 10 minutes. Using the tongs, place the crucible and cover onto a fiber pad and record the mass of the crucible and cover with the scale. Record your data. Clean a 25cm long ribbon of magnesium with a ball of steel wool. Coil up the ribbon of magnesium so that it will easily fit into the crucible. Record the mass of the crucible, cover, and magnesium. Place the crucible with the substance in it on top of the triangle pipe stem. Place the cover ajar to allow the flow of oxygen inside the crucible. Heat it gently for 2 minutes, then under high heat, heat it up for another 10 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes. Place the crucible, cover, and contents onto a fiber pad. Record the mass. Repeat 11-16. If the difference between mass measurements in less than 0.01g. record the mass as the constant mass. If the mass is greater than 0.01g, repeat steps 11-16 until the measurements differ by 0.01g or less. Record this in your data table as the constant mass. Put the remains of the substance into a hazardous waste container.

Mass of MG reacted| 0.43g.|
Moles of MG reacted| 0.017g/mol|
Mass of product| 0.67g.|
Mass of oxygen reacted| 0.24g.|
Moles of oxygen...
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