Maglev Trains

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We all know that the fastest mode of transport for humans are aero planes as they travels thousands of miles per hour. Suppose if someone miss a plane and need to travel such a distance in same at least some minimum amount of time then there is no alternative for that man as busses, trains cars takes more time to travel. But now-a-days a new mode of transportation is invented. A few countries are using powerful ELECTROMAGNETS to develop high-speed trains .Those are called as MAGLEV TRAINS. Maglev trains are the fastest trains in the world. Maglev is short form for magnetic levitation in which basic principles involves in the use of magnetism to levitate an object. BASIC PRINCIPLE:

We know that when two magnets of the same poles are brought towards each other, a repulsion force can be felt and likewise a pair of the opposite poles will attract. In this Maglev trains we use the system ELECTRO MAGNETIC SUSPENSION. ELECTRO MAGNETIC SUSPENSION (EMS):-

This is the basic principle behind electromagnetic propulsion. Electromagnets are similar to other magnets in that they attract metal objects, but the magnetic pull is temporary. As we know the working of Electromagnet, we can easily create a small electromagnet our self by connecting the ends of a copper wire to the positive and negative ends of an AA, C or D-cell battery. This creates a small magnetic field. If we disconnect either end of the wire from the battery, the magnetic field is taken away. The magnetic field created in this wire-and-battery experiment is the simple idea behind a maglev train rail system. There are three components to this system:

A large electrical power source
Metal coils lining a guide way or track
Large guidance magnets attached to the underside of the train

The big difference between a maglev train using EMS and a conventional train is that maglev trains do not have an engine .at least not the kind of engine...
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