Maginot Line

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The Maginot Line

The Maginot Line and its relation to the world during the interwar period. The Maginot line is a fortification made by the french named after Andre Maginot , the minister of war for France. The interwar period is referring to the time between world war one and world war two. Focusing mainly on the relations between France and Germany during this period. Ultimately what is the Maginot Line and how does it have such a big impact during the interwar period and on into world war two? There are many aspects to cover but I would like to brake it down into four main ideas. To begin with what is the Maginot line exactly, how did the idea come to be and how was it built. Then the most important idea presented is the relations that it actually had on France and the surrounding nations. Next I would like to talk about the strengths/cons that came from the Maginot Line. Last I would like to finish with some of the weaknesses of the Maginot Line and why it is known as such a big failure in history. The Maginot is a very wonderful and interesting marvel during this time and I hope to relate these feelings.

So to begin I would like to focus on the Maginot line itself. Where did the idea come from and how was it structurally built? The idea for the Maginot line comes a few years after the Treaty of Versailles was signed ending world war one. During world war one the french had taken heavy casualties in men. Also tremendous structural damage in the cities and surrounding towns. France being in such a bad position during this time was afraid that Germany would seek revenge for its lose in world war one. France having a diminished military presence would not have the man power to protect itself. There where teams put together by Marshall Petain, head of the armed forces. The objective of these teams was to come up with a plan of defense. Three ideas came from these teams. The first being the idea that offense is the best defense.

The idea was supported by Charles de Gaulla, a lecturer at the French Staff College. The idea was to build an army based around agility and tanks. But this was shot down by many thinking it would provoke a war. The second idea to be presented was to build a line a small heavily defended regions to base a counter=attack from if needed. This plan was supported by Marshall Joffre, former president of the Supreme War Council. This idea is very similar to the Maginot Line. The final plan being to build a long line of heavy fortifications both long and deep along the whole french/German border. The final idea supported by the man who put it all in motion Marshall Petain. Marshall Petain was supported by the Minister of War, Andre Maginot whom which the fortifications are named after. So the idea and plans are developed but now to put it into action.

Now the idea of the Maginot Line is in place but how did it come to be. In 1926 Andre Maginot and Paul Painleve where funded to build an experimental line of fortresses. They commissioned the Committee of Frontier Defense to build three sections based on the plans by Marshall Petain. Andre Maginot was able to receive more money to continue in 1929. And finally in 1930 Andre Maginot received a 3 billion franc grant from the french government to start on the full Maginot Line. The line was made up of two main structures. The first and largest called Ouvrages being roughly placed ever nine miles or so. The second being the Petits Ouvrages which are placed in between every two Ouvrages. The Ouvrages are built from concrete reinforced with steel. Being built deep into mountain sides and hills. The Maginot Lines continued from 1929 to 1940 right before world war two. Built in many different phases and two major sections. Now that we know some specifications about the

Maginot Line, what did the french want to achieve by building it.

The French had plenty of purposes for the Maginot Line. Also with...
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