Magical Realism

Topics: Metaphor, Gabriel García Márquez, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Magical realism is a wondrous way to interpret the world through magic and reality. It gives readers a deeper understanding of the author’s voice and the text. It makes the readers see topics in a new light and way that they may have never thought of before; with magic. The reality section of magical realism may remind readers of a familiar place or situation, but the magical section- it is what really just makes the reality pop! Magical realism is a different way of thinking, comparing subjects, intertwining creativity and reality, going out of the box, and suspending notions of reality make magical realism easier to understand. Like playing a video game, getting tangled into the reading with magical realism is what really makes it a plethora of fun.

Magical realism is nothing more than a metaphor swirled with a genuine life subject along with two or three pinches of magic. Metaphors describe subjects referencing other subjects; magical realism describes them by referencing a subject along with a magical contribution to make it that much more mind boggling in. In Like Water for Chocolate page 6, Laura Esquirel refers to Tita being born into an agonizing life by writing- “Tita was literally washed into this world on a great tide of tears that spilled over the edge of the table and flooded across the kitchen floor.” This quote is comparing the birth of Tita to the ocean and crying, which indicates pain and unhappiness right from the beginning of a life. This quote is also portraying magical realism in many ways such as: a human cannot physically cry as many tears to flood the kitchen floor or flow over the entire counter space and when a newborn comes into this world, expecting a dreadful life for the child not only isn’t a common occurrence with anyone, but it isn’t indicated by being inducted into tears. Newborns are usually inducted into the world with a thankful, grateful mother. ”[T]he women who had been changed into a spider for disobeying her...
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