Magical Place

Topics: Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, Odor Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: September 5, 2012
May 26, 2010
Professor Casper

A Magical Place

Pixie dust and fairytales is the recipe for a magical day in a magical place; the place that brings out the child-like innocents in all of us. The captivated looks on the children’s face, the laughter that fills the air, the making of a place where dreams really do come true; Walt Disney World, my favorite place. From the moment I walk through the gates of this magical place all senses overwhelm me, bringing out the child in me; full of excitement and happiness. Entering the park the sight of the castle, the smell of fresh popped corn, the sound of children laughing; the feeling of warmth comes over me. The anticipation grows as I stroll down Main Street U.S.A towards the majestic Cinderella castle I see a kaleidoscope of balloons carried by finely dressed street vendors. The intricately designed, and well kept storefronts sell everything from clothes and kitchen ware to beautiful hand blown glass. The vast array of shops put a sparkle in my eyes anticipating a shopping trip at the end of this enchanting day. As I near the end of Main Street I see the candy workers through the window of the confectionary, the smells then overcome me. I walk closer to the confectionary and the aroma of chocolate, fudge and fresh baked treats delight my senses. People are lined up to the door to get a taste of these delectable delights, as I leave all I see is ice cream covered children taking joy in their scrumptious treat. As I make my way across the street there sits a brilliant red and yellow colored popcorn cart, the essence of buttery popcorn fills the air. Along with the scents of savory foods, there are distinct smells that come from the rides, metal burning and grease heating up, allowing me to imagine the fun I am going to have when I step on my first ride, Space Mountain. Tomorrow Land; a fascinating land of the future, the first of many fantasy lands located in the Magic Kingdom, the roaring sounds and...
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