Magic Words

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Magic Words

“Magic Words” -Magnetic Words Which Draw Attention to your Announcement!

Some words in a combination with one another, involve the reader in the text of your announcement .

For example

You — Exclusive — Free — the Master — the Power — Force — Opening — is easy — Love — Money — New — Scientific — Proved — Checked up — Reliable — Results — Improbable — Open — Break — the Secret — Private — Intimate — Cash — Shocking — Shaking —— Found out — Opened — Hidden —— Benefits — Inside — Sex...?

For example, when one of holders of sites has published the article under heading: «Not only pornosites can bring to their holders 5000 dollars in a week!», its income for a year has increased at once by 50000 dollars! Only at the expense of heading!

«OPENING! — scientifically well-founded strategy guaranteeing doubling of your money within each next month! If IT does not work, to you we will pay!»

For example, when I hear a word "opening" in me there is a counter impulse which draws my attention to other text. Simply because in this word there is a certain sense for the majority of people! Opening can give me the big advantage before you and consequently I wish to read about it before the others! People like to open something, therefore and the word "opening" draws their attention as soon as they it see.

Your heading has drawn attention of many people the part from which was eliminated, and the others have read up up to the end is your primary audience! It is pleasant to us, when something secret becomes obvious and opened. We like the secrets, the hidden pieces at that that shocks... Such we always were, same for ever and we remain!

“Actions involve subconsciousness...”

How to enclose Such Magnetism That People Read Each word! Whether you are ready to force them to see what you want? To feel, what you want them to feel? Then it is simple . Use more Verbs in the texts! Verbs fill your words with Force which does your offer LIVE,...
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