Magic the Gathering

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Magic the gathering

Seven to ten years ago my brother and friend got me hooked on a new card game called magic the gathering. The game is all about monsters, spells, and of course magic. You play as the master of the monsters known as the planes walker. A planes walker travels over different planes and battle with other walkers. I loved to play because I get the chance to be like a general of an army and you get a side of using magic and have to use your imagination will battling.

The rules of the game are easy to fallow and not a whole lot to them. The first rule of the game is you are recurred to have at least sixty cards in your deck for it to be legal to play with it. When you pick the cards you want most of them to be creatures. Then sorceries, enchantments and instant. The last you will need is land to summon everything in the deck.

After you get your deck, then find one or two friend with decks to play with and have a lot of fun in the process. When you play you can have no limit to the players but will need no less than one opponent.

When you start to play you will need a twenty-sided dice to keep your life total or us a piece of paper. To see who starts you can use the dice or flip a coin. When a players life reaches zero then that player is out of the game and has to wait tell the game has a winner.

In the game there are multiply types of cards. There are creatures, artifacts, instants, sorcery, enchantments, and lands. You need to have as many of each type to create to best and toughest deck. The first type is the mighty creatures; they are the muscle to every deck. There are about six different types of creatures. There are weak monsters that you use to quickly get a defense up and take your opponents life down. The next one is medium and large strength monsters at help the defense and are great attackers. The last type is the strong and big defenders that are used only to hold your...
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