Magic Spells

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Magic Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Ma'at - This is the strongest spell ever and can restore order in times of chaos or disaster. Used by Sadie. Ilen En-mar - This is a spell which causes the target to approach you. Used by Amos. Opposite of Zeheb used by Sadie and similar to Heh-sieh used by Desjardins. Ha-di - This is a spell which causes the target to explode. Used by Sadie and Jacobi. Hah-ri - This is a spell which causes silences. It can be used to disable earthquakes and put people to sleep. Used by Sadie. Ha-tep - This spell desroys all negitave feelings and also calms rogue creatures. Used by Carter. Ha-wi - This is a spell used to strike the opponent. Used by Set and Carter. Hi-nehm - This is a spell used to join or re-construct broken objects. It can also be used to connect two things like statues and shadows or pebbles and rocks and can even be used to bind a sheut to a shabti once it is summoned inside. Used by Sadie, Walt, and Amos. A'max - This spell summons a fire. It is the opposite of Maw. Used by Amos and presumably Zia. Sa-hei - This is a curse which brings down entire buildings like the hall of ages. Used by Kwai. Maw - This spell summons several cubic gallons of water. It is the opposite of A'max. Used by Carter. N-dah - This is a spell used to shield people or objects. It is best used to enforce protective circles. Used by Carter and Sadie. Heh-sieh - This causes something to halt and turn back. Used by Desjardins. W'peh - It is used to open things, even portals and summon gods. Used by Sadie, Zia, and Julius Kane. Zeheb - This spell makes the target return to its home. Used by Sadie. Opposite of Ilen En-mar used by Amos and closely related to Heh-sieh used by Desjardins. Sahad - This spell is closely related to W'peh except that it unlocks doors and opening is not involved. Used by Sadie and Zia. Tas - This causes a bit of twine to wrap around a foe. It can also disable any present magic. Used by Sadie, Carter, Zia, Julius, and Setne. Heqat - It is the command spell to...
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