Magic of Love

Topics: Stanza, Poetry, Love Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: October 7, 2011
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Amy Lee
Mr. Kenneth Christensen
English Comp. II
September 27, 2011

What is The Magic of Love

The title of “Magic of Love” goes well with this poem, because love is magic as some people might say. The author is stating how love feels in great detail. She uses different ways to tell how love feels. The words she uses rhyme throughout the poem. She uses such rhymes as: gift, lift; bless, happiness; night, bright; way, day; kind, find; depart, hearts; and do, true. The mood of the poem is happy, and it shows through the whole entire poem. In the first stanza, of the “Magic of Love” is, “There’s a wonderful gift that can give you a lift”(1), this means that love is a gift and it will make you feel light and happy and not sad.

“It’s a blessing from heaven above!”(2), this phrase is saying that love is something that is sacred and you should hold on to it and never let it go. “It can comfort and bless, it can bring happiness—“ (3), means that love brings you security to make you feel safe, and love can make you happy. “It’s the wonderful MAGIC OF LOVE!”(4), putting the title in here and in all capital letters, show that all that is being said here is magic that is love. She is telling the reader that wonderful love is magical.

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In the second stanza she writes “Like a star in the night, it can keep your faith bright,”(5). She is telling us that love is like a star to brighten your night, and this bright love makes you keep the faith in love. “Like the sun, it can warm your hearts, too—“(6), refers to love being the sun that makes you feel bright and warm. And love will warm your hearts too. The “give you can give everyday that you live,”(7) is the gift of love. “And when given, it comes back to you!”(8) The love you give, will come back to you.

In the third stanza, the first like refers to love being the light that...
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