Magic in the Grimm's Brothers Tales

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The Beauty of Magic in the tales of the Grimm’s Brothers

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, more commonly known as the Grimm’s brothers, are the men responsible for countless fairy tales that are still loved and cherished today. Over one hundred and fifty years later, their renditions of tales are so readily available and amongst the finest fairy tales known. Full of enchantment and magic, their tales lead characters through journeys of hardships, discovery and truth where only their underlying morale will determine their fate. In the Grimm’s Brother’s tales of “Rapunzel,” “Mother Holle,” and “The Goose Girl,” magic as well as physical appearance are used in parallel in order to bring justice to certain characters in the form of punishments and rewards. The Grimm’s make a special effort to validate young and beautiful characters as representing virtue and honesty while greed and malevolence are typically represented by ugly and often timeworn characters, or simply not at all; as is clearly demonstrated in “Rapunzel.” In the beginning, the tale introduces a husband and his wife, who is longing for the most beautiful and delicious rampion growing in the garden behind their house. Although she is aware that the garden belongs to a powerful and unkind enchantress, she sends her husband forward over the large guarding wall to fetch what she desires. Successful on his first quest, he is sent out once again the following day to bring more of the alluring vegetable, but not scot-free, for this time he is greeted by the enchantress. Not impressed about the theft of her mystical ‘rapunzel’ rampion, the enchantress demands the husband to trade his first born child in exchange for the entire inventory of rampion in her garden. The husband cowardly consents and the moment the child is born, it is magically whisked away to lead a life of captivity and curiosity locked high in a tower with no company other than that of the enchantress. As can be noted, the physical appearance of the...
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