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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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Mayur C Jain Exe – MBA Semester III Reg. No.: 1021906

1. Do you think longer test marketing should be done with promotions like MAGI CANS? No, I don’t think anymore Test Marketing should have been done. Initially test marketing was done for 3 month at lowa & hinois which had revealed some of the potential problems faced by MAGI CANS. Yes they could have surely kept a check over shipping inventory records keeping track of ratio of Magi Cans with and without prizes to avoid legal issues before planning over advertising. As per me the concept of having mechanical tool for pushing prize money out of Can and filling with doctored water to get same weighing experience externally was not a good idea. I feel the promotional strategy had flaws which failed to recognize the effect on brand it might create due to failure in product mechanism. 2. What Consumer Behavior principles should Coke have considered before launch? We are aware that Coke has a better Brand Equity and the strategy employed to attract the consumer by means of Magi Cans needed a strong rework. As per me, Prize money would not buy happiness to consumer under all occasion. Consider a situation, if a consumer gets 2 Coke Magi Cans for his late night birthday celebration and to his surprise if both Magi Cans offer him prize money instead of product he/she desires will surely get annoyed. Instead of mechanical system to reflect prize and water instead of coke content. Coke could have engraved promotional code & toll free number somewhere and should have advertised to educate people so as to how they can avail this offer. This would have also helped Coke to evaluate the percentage of people who take advantage over this offer to the advertising expenditure incurred by Coke over it.

3. Should marketers put prizes in packages that contain food product would your answer depend on the types of packages? Associating prizes in...
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