Magic Beyond Words

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Magic beyond words.

When my brother and I read the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone by J.K Rowling, we felt like the first time we learnt to bake our mother`s walnut cake. Sieving two cups of flour, breaking two eggs and adding one cup of sugar, two spoons of butter, One cup of lukewarm milk with vanilla essence and half cup of chopped walnuts into the creamy mixture. We were enchanted watching how those ingredients were about to become a sponge cake smelling similarly to a hot vanilla Ice-cream. Moreover, It was similar to the first time I saw the film ``the holyday `` as well, when I listened Hans Zimmer`s music in the background imaging every single instrument such as a piano, a violin, drums and guitars playing as one. That day I felt magic beyond words. It started in a long, cold and melancholy winter day. I saw the wooden clock in the wall indicating two in morning meanwhile my brother kept reading lied down in his bed since ten in the morning. He looked hypnotized, and besides, entertained in each chapter of the colorful book. Thus I thought it was not only an attractive book with a rainbow as cover , due to the colorful presentation with big letters as title, and a boy with a scar in his forehead flying over a broom trying to catch a small gold ball with wings , but also It was two hundred and fifty-six pages full of magic . I recalled few moments when my brother claimed `` I finished it, just in one night. What a marvelous book I have read, I hope J.K Rowling write the next soon``. He looked like a video game player who has not slept owing to he has not finished his video game yet with a sleepy face and red eyes. Nonetheless, I never thought a book could be able to capture somebody an entire day into an extraordinary world created by J.K Rowling. The English teacher wrote her tales not only in order to keep entertaining her younger sister, but also so as to she always dreamt about being a writer. Creating...
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