Maggi Market Survey Analys

Topics: Chocolate, Infant, Maggi Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: April 11, 2012
isPLACES VISITED: Reliance Fresh, Ambience mall – Food Bazar, Grocery Store – Sector 15 (Gurgaon). MAGGI NOODLES
VISIBILITY: The product is strategically located at all turns and has a huge display at the entrance of Reliance Fresh. On interviewing the store manager, it was known that Maggi was the product almost every customer had in his/her basket at the payment desk. STOCK AND EXPIRY DATE: Fresh stock, March 2012 was available. The store manager mentioned that the product delivery takes place on time and there is absolutely no lag. This, he said was one of the major reasons that the consumer demand could be met. SURVEY FINDINGS: Maggi was present in different quantities in almost every visitor’s trolley. The owner of the grocery store mentioned that the product made good sales. He owned a shop close to MDI and said students’ bulk purchase in that vicinity. The product is heavily advertised in Reliance Fresh and is present almost at every turn, owns at entire rack with Top Ramen below and close to the billing counter. The Atta Noodles are better preferred among the consumers. Also, Cuppa Noodles is mostly consumed by bachelors and student population because of the ease to prepare factor.

VISIBILITY: The advertisements on the top of the rack were of the competitor (Sunfeast). However, the rack had predominance of Maggi Pasta. COMPETITIOR: The store manager mentioned that the consumers preferred Sunfeast over Nestle Pasta. STOCK AND EXPIRY DATE: The batch size ranged from Jan 2012 to March 2012. No presence of stock beyond expiry date. SURVEY FINDINGS: A consumer at Reliance Fresh said that the Sunfeast Pasta tasted better than Nestle and that was the reason behind her preferring the same. Also, the sales person mentioned that there are a lot of consumers who look for Nestle Pasta but, larger amount looks for Sunfeast. The owner of the grocery store mentioned that Sunfeast comes as a name synonymous to Pasta and when someone asks for the...
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