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  • Published: August 19, 2013
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Maggi noodles was launched in India in 1984 by Nestle. It is today the highest sold noodles in India. With 60% market share (2010 report)in its bowl, Maggi Noodles continues to be an undisputed leader for almost 30 years. Back in 1980’s, instant noodles was an entirely new category. Now, the challenge was to establish an alien product and yet find a relevant consumption benefit in the market. Maggi was therefore, positioned as snack made for children who like to experiment food and was billed as a fast to cook and good to eat snack. The Rs. 2.50 per 100gm Maggi was an instant success. “Mummy Bhook Lagee- Bas Do Minute was a rendition of this approach. It fit well with the mother’s child caring relationship. These ads became so popular that “Bas Do Minute” instantly reminded Indian consumers of Maggi noodles. Health Factor was gaining importance. Several other brands, for example, HUL launched the Knorr Soupy noodles for a ‘healthy’ afternoon snacking option. Maggi did not want to stay behind. It rolled out a new noodle with multi-grain variant called Multigrainz and aggressively advertised it as a nutritious food for kids. Apart from noodles, Maggi has sauces and soups available in various flavours. But, Maggi tops it all by being the market leader with the maximum share. Some more products in its kitty are Maggi Cuppa Mania, Maggi Masala and Maggi Magic Cubes.

Maggi Noodles
Maggi Noodles Marketing Strategy
1997-1999: Nestle changed the taste of Maggi noodles, but it proved to be a failure. In 1999, Maggi reintroduces the old formulation and revived sales with the punchline- “Fast to Cook, Good to Eat”. 2000: Maggi noodles became the leader in instant noodles space. 2005: Marketing strategy to keep Maggi brand fresh and as a ‘health product’ with its tagline – “Health Bhi -Taste Bhi” with the launch of Maggi Atta noodles. 2009- Maggi celebrates 25 years of Maggi noodles with ‘Me and Meri Maggi’ campaign and the launch of Maggi Pazzta. This campign invited...
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