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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Experts say print media is dead. There is a lot of evidence pointing to that fact, magazine sales are at an all time low and it probably won’t change. The slick thin pages of magazines always seem to find a way to slit the ends of my soft fingertips, but paper cuts won’t keep me away. Flipping through the glossy pages always seems to make me insanely jealous but somehow also engrossed. I envy the teams of journalists, designers, and editors of magazines for having the jobs I dream of. However, the dying art of the print medium seems to offer few prospects for future careers.

The thick white san serif font reading “LIFE” with a red box behind the letters create the timeless logo at the top of the magazine that sits on my minuscule, flimsy desk everyday. The smiling and laughing faces of three very famous brothers adorn the cover that brings inspiration to my life everyday. The title reads “THE KENNEDYS, END OF A DYNASTY.” The price displayed in the bottom left corner reads ‘$11.99US’. As an unemployed college student, twelve bucks is quite the set back. But, my obsession with magazines, and the Kennedys made the sacrifice of eating ramen noodles for a week well worth it.

The Kennedy’s, a family with ties so deep in politics and scandal our nation was obsessed with knowing every detail of their existance. The pages are filled with photos of the family throughout their lives. Weddings and wakes, campaigns, birthdays, extravagant parties, and family vacations all captured in pictures then released for all the world to see. My favorite image is of two small children, Teddy and Bobby, dressed in thirties attire, hair slicked back, the smallest boy feeding peanuts to a baby elephant. Teddy still dressed very much as a young boy, wears shorts and tall socks. In contrast, Bobby dressed like a young man, sporting a full suit complete with a striped tie and a pocket square, who seems to be watching over his younger brother. The picture takes readers to earlier...
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