Magazine Analysis

Topics: Target market, Blood, Audience theory Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Magazine Analysis
Analyse the two magazine cover. How do they appeal to their target audience? Sugar
Sugar magazine’s target audience are teenage girls aged 11 to 15. We could tell this because the colour pink is the main colour which implies femininity. The ‘sugar’ logo is big and stands out which gets audience’s attention. This appeals to the target market audience because girls like pink. The main image of the magazine is Leona Lewis. She is used to be the front cover because she is a very attractive lady, famous, young and more likely to be a role model for young girls. You could see that she’s got a radiant face, it has a golden touch. Her hair is casual but it looks beautiful, it looks like the wind is blowing off her hair. She’s got make up, lips pouting which indicates a sexualised pose. Her outfit is just plain and simple but low cut to make it look trendy and ‘sassy’. The cover has got a lot of trails; one of these is ‘4 STEPS TO SNOG’. It catches every teenage girl’s eyes. Girls are interested of learning how to deal with boys and the word ‘snog’ is very colloquial word used by young people. The trial ‘Lad-mad Leona!’ is outstanding as it looks like it has been hand written by someone (maybe Leona). The trail is also about Leona who is the central image of the magazine. The trail suggests that this is a topic that young girls are interested in and also about Leona, the central image. The puffs are very stylish and stereotypical. They are in black and white and looks like it has got pink paint smudge. This would appeal to the audience because they want to be updated with fashion and accessories.

Play is a magazine aimed predominantly at male aged 15-25 because mainly boys play games more often than girls even though some female plays games and buy magazines about games like Play. The play logo is carefully constructed to contain PSP, Ps2 and PS3 console. The ‘y’ with the dot adds detail and interest. It looks digital. These appeals to the TMG...
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