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Topics: Color, Advertising Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Advertisements are everywhere on TV, the internet, movies, magazines, etc. They are there to get people to buy whatever it is that they are advertising. They do it with color, models, and tricky words. In this case my magazine advertised a lip balm called “Baby Lips”. This advertisement says that you can, “kiss dull lip balms goodbye and instead have baby lips” making it so that woman get interested into buying this product because you will have baby lips. The colors that are being used in my advertisement are grey, black, bright orange, and white. What is being suggested in this advertisement is that you should wear the lip balm shown in the magazine because it will give you baby lips. In the article the picture is of a pretty woman whose whole face is grey, except her lips. The rest of the article is in very light colors making it so that the lip balm and the models lips are the two things stand out the most. Both of them are in a bright orange color that makes them stand out more than anything else in the picture. Also in my advertisement there is a model, she is a female, although you can’t see all her body and just her face you can tell that she is pretty just by the way her eyelashes and eyebrows are done. The expression on her face is as if the woman is going to give someone a kiss. She has her eyes closed but she looks like if she’s in the mood of kissing someone and feels good about that. All these little details are made to imply that with this lip balm everyone will want to get kissed by your baby lips. In the picture there is also a before and after picture of someone’s lips but you can’t really tell the difference. Words are a big help in advertising. The words call the reader’s attention and also can sometimes fool the buyer. In my ad it says “In one week your lips will be visibly renewed.” Although it says that, there is no given proof of it. They don’t provide us with a survey of people or percentage of people who says that. Also the word baby...
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