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Dr. Carrithers
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5 October 2009
Because You’re Worth It

There are thousands of different magazines being published today. In every one of those magazines the pages are filled with advertisements. There are advertisements about clothes, cars, makeup, and even food. When people look through these magazines, the advertisements are what influences the readers the most. Magazine ads are no longer used just for companies to sell a product. Certain magazines like Cosmo Girl, have specific ads aimed towards women. These ads are meant to kind of hint to the women that they should use this certain hair shampoo or this certain lipstick. This shows that advertisements are now a way for a company to sell a brand, to convince people that if you use this specific brand, you will look, feel or be this way.

In an ad from Cosmo Girl magazine, there is a blonde, light skinned women wearing red lipstick that stands out when you first look at her. You think to yourself, how can I get my lips to look this vibrant red?, what brand of lipstick is she using? Across the top of the page the brand of lipstick that the model is wearing is shown in huge letters, she is wearing L’Oreal Paris lipstick. Off to the Garrett 2

side of her is the actual lipstick that is described as “rich colour fused with pro-xylane and collagen”. Which both supposedly improve the way your lips look by making them more seem more plump. Next to the lipstick are two little pictures of lips before use and after use and the after use picture clearly shows a difference between the two. Under those pictures it says “Fills surface lip lines” and “Improves definition”. At the bottom of the page there is a display of all the different colors of lipstick you can buy. L’Oreal Paris claims you should buy their products “Because You’re Worth It”.

Many advertisements use psychological appeals to enhance the affect the ad will have on the readers. A psychological appeal “exploit[s]...
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