Magarpatta Case

Topics: Acre, Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: October 12, 2012
* Presented By
* Sutapa Mishra
* Section D
* 12FN-141
* 1.Real Estate Market Segmentation in India
* 2.Prioritization of Segments for Magarpatta in terms of Potential * Clean and Sustainable Environment
* Good Living Standards
* Revenue Standardization
* Modern Educational System
* Reliable Security
* Clean and Sustainable Environment
* Large Gardens (120 acres of land)
* A single 25 acre circular garden in city center
* 25000 trees spread over 25 lakh square feet of lawns
* Rain water harvesting by 8 natural wells, 515 recharging bores and over 1.25 acres of artificial lakes * Waste water recycled (capacity of 5 million litres a day) * Air insulation inside glass facades used in buildings

* Solar Panels to heat water that saved 1.69 crores of electrical units (saved 15,498 tons of carbon emission) * Build using fly ash brick saving 130,000 tons of Co2 emission * It had its own nursery of plants

* Good Living Standards
* Apartments opened into a central space as traditional neighborhood * Had gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, jogging and cycling tracks, yoga and meditation centres and amphitheatre * Seasons Mall

* Noble Hostipal
* Revenue Standardization
* Cybercity with ample employment opportunities (60,000 employments) * Revenue generation though lease of buildings given to companies * SEZ covering area of 11.98 hectares
* Megacenter and Pentagon were other large commercial centers * Modern Educational System
* “The Magarpatta City public School”
* ICSE Board
* Pre-primary to High School
* 1200 Students
* Walking Distance from Home
* Post Graduation Institution in tie up with Georgia College and State University * Reliable Security
* 750 CCTV cameras
* Gated Community
* Restricted Entry
* 3.Segment as Target Market
* Segment Targeted : Upwardly...
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