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Isang Minuto Kasama Si Yellow Four

Kalde recalls his first meeting with a woman named Sumi, and the consequences of his decisions make him wonder how things would have worked out if he had made different choices. As we catch glimpses of his imagination in vivid detail, we also witness his reflections on the conflict of fate and free will---and of belief and self-determination. His wild thoughts, cinematic and exaggerated, offer humorous situations, climactic revelations, and even the tiniest random facts.

Funny, ironic, and inventive, “Isang Minuto Kasama Si Yellow Four” will plunge us into the depths of the subconscious of a simple guy confused between creating his own path, and waiting for a predetermined one laid out for him.

Screenplay written by KK Abalos

(Estimated Running Time: 80 minutes)

- - -

Seq 1 - Day – Int – School lobby

Tadhana.Isang nakakatawang bagay.

A certain student, about 18, male, in ordinary school clothes, with weird hair, is walking across the school campus. He is KALDE. He passes by a group of students in the grass.

Seq 2 - Day – Ext – School football field

Isang salitang makapangyarihan

As Kalde passes by, camera focuses on a brown-haired guy wearing odd robes, bearing a huge gourd in his back, sitting in the grassy field of the campus with his ordinary-looking classmates (all of whom don't seem to notice his bizarre appearance as anything to fret about).


Seq 3 - Day – Int – School gym

Nagbibigay ng halu-halong emosyon at inspirasyon

Kalde passes by the school gym. Camera shows a muscular guy with a pair of boxing gloves practicing in it. He is trying out a technique known in Hajime No Ippoas the “Demzy Roll”.


Seq 4 - Day – Int – School open lobby

Skeptic man o believer, romantic man o tamang keri lang

Kalde is in the open lobby, with several more cartoon-looking people filing past, among students in uniforms. Again, this seems a normal phenomenon to them.


Seq 4 - Day – Ext – Rooftop

Samu't saring tao

Kalde stops in the rooftop and takes out a cigarette. A student in Shinigami robes seen in Bleachis smoking, and Kalde approaches to ask for a light.


Seq 5 - Day – Ext – (Back to the) School football field

Ang apektado, naniniwala man sila o hindi

The brown-haired guy with the gourd and his friends are chatting.

Brown-haired guy
Lecheeeeee! Napaka-hasel talaga mag-accounting! Parang ayoko na Mag-BSA. Mag-tu-Tourism na lang siguro ako.

His classmates laugh.

Aksaya talaga ng panahon yang mga spreadsheet na yan!


Seq 6 - Day – Int – School lobby

Ngunit sa kabila ng lahat, naniniwala si Kaldeng may mas mataas na pwersang nagpapaikot sa atin

Kalde goes in the elevator. A student in Akatsuki robes (a fictional group from the Narutouniverse) is talking to a classmate.

Akatsuki Student
Sige sige. May klase lang akong isa. Kita na lang tayo sa tambayan mamaya.


Seq 7 - Day – Int – Classroom

Isang kakaibang phenomenon na naggogovern sa buhay ng tao

The same student enters a classroom, apparently late for class. His professor who looks a lot (and dresses a lot, too) like The Dark Knight's Joker is scribbling equations on the board. The professor notices his tardy student and approaches him in his seat. He takes a bread knife from his coat pocket.

Professor Joker
(in a raspy voice)
Let's put a smile upon that face.


Seq 8 - Day – Ext – School entrance

O mga pangyayaring tila gabay upang tayo'y makapagdesisyon sa ating mga sarili

A crowd of students, in uniform and in costume, are gathered outside the school, some eating from a fishball vendor, some smoking, some just standing making idle talk.


Seq 9 - Day – Int – Classroom

Anuman ang interpretasyon, naniniwala si...
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