Maestro Sucess

Topics: Peter Goldsworthy, Anna Goldsworthy, Miles Franklin Award Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: November 2, 2011
In life success can be seen as many things, success can be small or success large. Success is the achievement of something desired an accomplishment of anything that will allow for someone or something to move forward. In the novel Keller would have been successful if he hadn’t have been so arrogant with the passing of his son and especially his wife. Success for Paul would have been truly knowing and accepting a great man, Keller while he was alive and also bettering his music. However these characters allowed for their pride and arrogance to block their ability to succeed. Peter Goldsworthy’s reflective memoir ‘Maestro’, demonstrates how being too proud and conceited can stop one from achieving.

Paul struggles to improve his music to the highest standard possible, due to his belief that no one can teach him any more than what he already knows. In the novel Goldsworthy creates a young, talented musician in Paul that has been trained from a young age. Paul is well aware of his talent due to the praise and applauds his parents and people surrounding him during his growth have given to him. It is fair to say that Paul was above the standard most would be at the age of 15, however, due to the praise given to him he struggles to grow his music. At 15 Paul is presented with an opportunity to have one of the best as a teacher, the Maestro. However, because of the praise given as a developing musician Pauls mind is made to believe that the Maestro has nothing to teach that he doesn’t already know. “I crumpled the letter into a tight ball, and tossed it into the bin… I was the only pianist I had time to listen to”. Ultimately, Paul is stopped from improving his music due to his arrogance towards criticisms and the inability to listen to and take on challenges set by the Maestro.

Paul also lets his pride and arrogance get in the way when he is presented with a chance to engage with a great man. The Maestro was a man with a huge life story and many life lessons to...
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