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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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Page 18 – A Nazi... the word stuck in my mind – a particle of impurity... growing in layers. Answer: Paul’s perception of Keller is that he is a Nazi. This perception/impurity is created by Paul’s arrogance. This image shows Paul’s immaturity. Techniques - high modality – how wrong Paul is

- Metaphor –is impurity harms the relationship between Keller and Paul

Page 80 – As soon as i touched her she became flop, inert like something wanting to be kneaded. Answer: Idea – The appearance of Megan fuelled by Paul’s lust and desire. He only discovers the truth after he sleeps with Megan. He sees her as needy and selfish. He also realises that he truly loves Rosie (she is genuine unlike Megan). Finally, he realises that he is still only a boy. Megan is actively creating her own illusion of Paul to allow herself to sleep with him. Techniques- Simile

- Descriptive language
- Figurative Language

Page 92 – A paradox of the four, only he looks the part.
Idea: The difference between appearance and reality. The reality is that Paul is the real rock star instead of the 3 young musicians in the front, ‘appearing’ to be. Image: This is an image of the young musicians on the front cover of the newspaper (Paul, Rick, Jimmy and Scott). The image of the 3 “sweat-soaked, beaming musicians” appears at the front of the newspaper, appearing to be rock stars. However, the reality is that Paul, with his “authentic rock muso look” is the real rock star of the group. Technique: Irony of Paul being the real rock star of the group. Descriptive language used to present the newspaper. Contrast of Paul and the rest of the band. Answer: The band is a group of ‘friends’ who can’t play and merely pretend to be rock musicians. The most unlikely of the four is the only true musician whereas the others are merely acting the part. This photo shows the reality of the band rather than the earlier appearance. Technique- Irony – Paul the unlikely rock star

- Descriptive language –...
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