Maestro: Love and Keller

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  • Published : March 8, 2008
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Maestro Practice Essay
"Paul's view of Keller grows and develops throughout the novel, but remains incomplete even at the end." Do you agree? The book explores both Paul's and Keller's love of great music. It is Keller's means of survival and he can never turn away from it.

Introduction: - can take both sides
-Should signpost what you put in the body paragraphs
-Explore issues
-Paul's view of Keller  major
-Paul's view of himself  arrogance to self-depreciation -Keller's view of Paul  treats him like his own son, doesn't get the opportunity to teach his own son… intimacy grows, but his view of Paul's music talents doesn't grow.

-Example - Peter Goldsworthy's novel ‘Maestro', set in the tropics of Darwin, the dry of Adelaide and the beauty of Vienna, explores the developing relationship between a student and his piano teacher. Herr Keller, the maestro in the text, is a harsh critic towards his student Paul Crabbe, but at the same time, he develops a warm and loving relationship with him. Throughout this relationship, Paul's view of himself also changes, from conceit to self-depreciation. However, it is Paul's developing understanding of Keller that is essential to understanding this relationship; an understanding that remains incomplete at the end of the novel.

Body 1:
Herr Keller is the harshest of critics – (Keller's view of Paul) -It is weeks before he lets Paul play – talks about hands, fingers  "I know how you play by looking at your hands" -Doesn't let Paul play complex pieces – "Children's Bach"

-Makes Paul start from scratch
-Dismissive of Paul's concert playing ability – (Adelaide – Conservatorium – When he plays for his family) -However, despite the criticism, Keller develops a strong and loving relationship with Paul.

Body 2:
The relationship between Paul and Keller becomes deeper through the exploration of music and the mystery of Keller's background. -Paul is curious about Keller's...
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