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  • Published : March 3, 2006
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As we live in a more and more socially reliant world, relationships are becoming more and more important in the way that humans conceive themselves as individuals. We are defined by our attitudes and actions concerning relationships we are involved in, as well as the others involved. As we unknowingly adapt ourselves to suit and interact with those around us, we gain self understanding and self image. It is our impressions of other humans that help mark out our understanding of ourselves in the context of the rest of the world. Examples of these ideas can be found in various texts such as Peter Goldsworthy's novel, Maestro, the Australian movie Muriel's Wedding and Melina Marchetta's no.... Maestro: Analysis of Major Themes

Grade Level: High School, Section: Book Reviews, Rating:

Summary: Provides an analysis of Maestro, a novella by Peter Goldsworth. Describes the major themes of the novel, adolescence and maturity. Provides a short plot summary and a character review of Paul. (1.8 pages / 549 words) Read Essay


"Maestro is a novella about adolescence and growing up." Do you agree? Peter Goldsworth novella Maestro is based on adolescence and growing up. Keller (Maestro) educates Paul about the basis of life through music metaphors and Paul learns of other cultures and lives through Keller's experiences in Vienna. The book follows Paul from early adolescence into adulthood and depicts Paul learning and understanding about life. Paul Crabbe's music lessons in Maestro with Keller do not only teach Paul the essence of music; they tutor him in the fundamentals of life. For Maestro, the grand piano is his sanctity and security, assisting him to deal with the horrors of the world; "safe beneath tha.... The Concept of Change as Utilized in Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy Grade Level: High School, Section: World Literature, Rating:

Summary: Examines how the concept of change is treated in `Maestro,' a novel...
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