Madza Marketing Mix Plan

Topics: Mazda, Wankel engine, Pricing Pages: 12 (4656 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan, was founded on January 30, 1920. For the past 90 years, they have been designing and building great cars for car lovers all over the world. Mazda Motor Singapore Pte Ltd is the authorized distributor of Mazda vehicles, parts and accessories. The company provides warranty maintenance for new cars and repair services. They have been the wholesaler for Mazda products dating as far back as 1963 when Mazda products first arrived in Singapore. Currently, Mazda Motor Corporation is looking at expanding the market share of their Mazda RX8 in Singapore. In this proposal, we will be discussing on the current situational analysis, the recommended target segment and most importantly, the theories and strategies in which to apply to make this recommendation a success. We are proposing to target the Middle Age Mature Consumers in the male segment, who are between 35 to 45 years of age. They should also be in the married with no children stage of their life cycle due to the design of the car. Majority of the consumers in this sample group have a stable income of between SGD$50,000 to SGD$100,000 annually. These people are usually the professional & technical, managers & executives, also known as PMETs, who are most likely to be highly educated. We will also be applying several theories and strategies to address the full spectrum of the Segmentation, Distribution, Pricing and Promotional process. We will also be addressing the possibility of Channel conflict and how to overcome this issue by using the Channel Management Decisions Theory. At the end of this report, the management will realise the viability and future rewards that this exercise will bring for the company, how it will benefit the company and the consumers alike and most importantly, how they can increase their market share and brand awareness in Singapore.

2.1 Current Product
Mazda RX8 is a pure sports car but at the same time, it also showcases the classy look. It is considered a consumer good and is one of the actual products of Mazda, one of the well known brands in the Singapore car industry. It has a unique Product Features which is the freestyle door system which opens up a huge space for easier entry and exit where most sports cars do not have this feature and has only 2 doors. The outlook of Mazda RX8 is very attractive for men who are at the stage of adults in the Changing Age Group whose ages ranges from 20 to 34 as it got a sporty look and the multiple functions it carries makes driving a Mazda RX8 more comfortable. It is considered a specialty good as not all people needs such a luxury car to move around Singapore which is a small country. Some people will probably choose a less expensive car to drive as they will mainly use it as a transport only and do not care about status. Currently, as we choose to believe, this car is in the maturity stage for its targeted group of consumers. Even though the company is showing the specifications of this car clearly on all its marketing collaterals, consumers might not be able to understand the technical issues or language used. They could use simpler terms to describe the technical terms used so that it will be easier for the consumer to understand. 2.2 Current Pricing

The price of a Mazda RX8 is around SGD$134,888 and we will say that they are using the Skimming Pricing Strategy as their price is considered quite high for a car in this range compared to cars of other brands such as Toyota, Honda or even Mitshibishi. Since they are using the Skimming Price Strategy, they are competing on the non-price strategy as a high-end product normally looks more on the status positioning in the market and also the features of that particular product. 2.3 Current Distribution

They are using the Indirect Distribution Channels as people are able to buy the car not only at Mazda showroom but also at other automotive shops / general Retailers who sell many different...
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