Madrid Metro and D. Architect Question

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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions

Question 1: A.investigate B.punishment C.publicityD.possession Question 2: A.benefit B.industry C. inheritD. architect Question 3 :A primitive B.particular C continuous D connected Question 4 :A.magnificent B.development C.populationD.disposal Question 5 :A.infinite B.suspicious C.tolerant D.devastate Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 6:People living abroad are not __________to enter for this competition
Question 7:David and Peter __________ to live next door to each other at one time.
A. had used B. usedC. were usedD. have used
Question 8:Mary : “Make yourself at home”._ Tom: “ ____”
A. Yes, can I help youB. Not at all. Don’t mention it
C. Thanks! Same to youD. That’s very kind. Thank you
Question 9: It's difficult for you _________a foreigner if you cannot speak his native language . get acquainted with B.getting acquainted to get acquainted toD.getting acquainted with Question 10 :It would have been a much more serious accident ____ fast at that time.
A. he drove B. was he driving C. had he been driving D. he had driven Question 11 : The twins look so much alike that almost no one can ______ them ______.
A. tell – awayB. take – onC. tell – apartD. take – apart Question 12 : The captain as well as all the passengers________ very frightened by strange noise.
A. have beenB. wasC. isD. were
Question 13 :It is imperative________ what to do when there is a fire.
A. he must know about B. that everyone know C. that he knewD. we knew Question 14: She______on her computer for more than two hours when she decided to stop for a rest.
A. has workedB. has been working C. was workingD. had been working Question 15:: He told everyone that he had flu, but in fact, he had just a cold.
A. come up withB. come down with C. gone in forD. maked up for Question 16 : Although he was, he agreed to play tennis with me.
A. exhaustionB. exhaustedC. exhaustingD. exhaustive
Question 17 :Unfortunately,our local cinema is on the ____________of closing down.
Question 18 :Look! The yard is wet.It _____________last night.
A.must rain B.couldn’t have rained C.must have rainedD.should have rained Question 19 : He asked me _________the book I borrowed from the library.
A.If I foundB.If I had foundC.Whether I have foundD.Whether I found Question 20 : She refused _me any more money. have lentD.lend
Question 21 : ________ but he also proved himself a good athlete.
A. A good student not only showed himB. Not only did he show himself a good student
C. He did not show himself only a good student D. Not only he showed himself a good student Question 22: The pottery _____ by the ancient Greeks ______ decorated.
A. making/ was beautifulB. made/ was beautifully
C. was made/ were beautiful D. to make/ were beautifully Question 23: He climbed the tree________ before the wind blew them off.
A. in order for the apples to pickB. in order that to pick the apples
C. so that to pick the applesD. so as to pick the apples
Question 24: Yesterday my mother bought________.
A. Italian some beautiful cotton hatsB. some hats beautiful Italian cotton
C. some beautiful Italian cotton hatsD. beautiful Italian some cotton hats Question 25 :...
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