Madonna of the Long Neck

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  • Published: August 7, 2013
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PART I : Significance Essay 1: STYLISTIC Analysis (50 points) 

Madonna of the Long Neck

In many ways, each artist has their own individual technologies and style feature, and during the 1520, Mannerism was a particular style for many artist adoption and favor. This style of art became popular in Florence and Rome in the late Renaissance. During this period artists got a lot of technical knowledge from it, such as the use of oil paints and perspective drawing. High renaissance art is character by the harmonious, natural, elegance and balance. However, the Mannerism art was very different, it was focus more on conflicting colors, misunderstood environment, and distorted proportions. Those painting sometime have a bizarre subject matter that combined with mythology, classical and Christianity. Although, work of art can often be classified by different time, and by the style is used, which always have a big difference with the colors, theme and hallucinations. Like The “Madonna of the Long Neck” was painted in 1543, by one of the famous Italian painter Parmigianino. This complex and intellectual Christian art with oil in Canvas, is located in Uffizi, Florence, which is a good example of mannerist characteristics of distorted proportion and complex composition.

Mannerism is known for its intellectual complexity and its artificial qualities. The Madonna of the long Neck really shows the style of Mannerism in a numerous of way, such as the subject matter with Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, and the way he display the unrealistic method, such as the human sculpture was being an un proportional way. It depicts the characteristics of slender bodies. In this painting, every people have a very disproportionate long bodies, such as the Madonna has a abnormal long neck. Although, in this painting the most recognized Mannerism style was the baby Jesus, who is considered to be large and unrealistic for the real life. In this painting he showing the abstract style of it, and he also uses color to create a emotional feeling of it. When you really focus on this painting, the audience can easily find out the features to show that was using a Mannerist style, from the unusual setting to the strange proportions on the human body.

The Madonna of the long neck was employing the characters distortion, which also reflects style of the social and cultural values from that period. As you can see, this was a product, which developed in the late renaissance mannerism movement. It contain considerable distortion, with the big baby Jesus, Madonna’s slender neck, small head, big hands, all of those distorted out of proportion, which also the artistic style features from Mannerism. The sharp body distortion was reflecting the turbulent of t16th century from religious and political. In early 16th century brought a lot of interference, such as the Italian wars, corruption of the Catholic Church and the reformation. This painting also can be a true religious art, because it commissioned as an altar. Although in this scene the characters all seem as secular religion. The St. Jerome was posted like a statue, the child like an angel, and the baby Jesus. The appropriate virgin church represented as a parable of the traditional understanding of this parable. Therefore, the exaggerated length of the body of Madonna and her son, although the presence of the column on the background, which is a clear significance signal of the religious painting.

On Parmigianino’s Madonna of the long neck, you can also find that he has a greatly influence from Raphael’s Virgin Mary, it make his work more deeper fluidity and grace. He also copied Raphael’s integration capabilities and adding figures together to creating sense of flow and harmonious, he gave sumptuousness on his religious painting too. In this painting they’re also many change and different, such as the proportional lengthened, the distorted compositions, and a greatly exaggerated scale of the virgin and her...
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