Madonna Case

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  • Published : June 2, 2011
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1) Why has Madonna been successful?

There are main factors, which led Madonna to a tremendous success in the industry:

• A well-developed strategy

• Continuous experimentation with new musical ideas and new images

• The personality traits of Madonna also led to the success: she is very hard-working, ambitious, and tough and knows exactly what she wants. Moreover Madonna is constantly questing for new heights fame and acclaim.

• Sex appeal

• Skilled support

• Management skills

• Versatility

2) What industry Madonna in?

Madonna is in entertainment industry (music, filming, etc.).

3) What are KSFs in her industry

• To be eye-catching (means the ability to be different from others)

• Talent (voice, choreography)

• Physical attractiveness

• Personality

• Creativity

• Contacts

4) Does Madonna have a strategy?

Madonna has a well- developed and implemented strategy, which demonstrate that she is a great entrepreneur.

5) If yes, what are the main elements of that strategy?

Vision. One of the most important drivers of Madonna’s success is her vision, Madonna has a clear goal from the start of her career («to rule the world») and uses every opportunity which led her to the goal.

Understanding customers and industry. Madonna’s successes have been underpinned by a deep and insightful appreciation of her customers and understanding of the music industry.

Leveraging competences, addressing weaknesses. Madonna has an ability to acknowledge her own competences and weaknesses. Very early in her career Madonna realised that neither her dancing nor voice were strong enough on their own, so she teamed up with people who could help her (for example, M.Jackson's manager).

Consistent implementation.

Continuous renewal. Madonna’s consistent change of style and music demonstrate her awareness of changing styles, social norms and attitudes in a rapidly changing...
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