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Madison "Father of the Constitution"

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Madison "Father of the Constitution"

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Years after the United States Constitution was ratified, an admirer of James Madison's labelled him the "Father of the Constitution." Madison quickly renounced the designation, but despite his humble denial the title has remained. The title “Father of the Constitution” has been debated by historians ever since. Was Madison the "Father of the Constitution"? The answer is a resounding yes.

He had secured consideration and respect in 1776 by serving on the committee that drafted the first Constitution of Virginia and the Virginia Declaration of Rights. He also was an elected representative to the Virginia House of Delegates and the Continental Congress. All this led up to his appearance at the Constitutional Convention, which would go on to cement his name in the history of new America.

At Madison and other’s prompting, a national convention was called in 1787, to be held in Philadelphia. A early contribution that changed the validity of the convention was persuading George Washington to attend, since he knew how important the future president would be to the adoption of a constitution. Madison was also one of the first delegates to arrive, which was a conscientious decision. While waiting for the convention to begin, Madison wrote what became known as the Virginia Plan. The Virginia Plan would become the earliest stages of what would become the United States Constitution.

James Madison arrived in Philadelphia to attend the Constitutional Convention on May 3, 1787. The convention was organized to debate the structure of the United States government. Madison was only 36 years old, but already with an enviable reputation.

Prior to the Constitutional convention, Madison undertook an comprehensive study of government structures of previous societies, both successful and not. From writings and books on previous republics sent to him by Thomas Jefferson, Madison sought to discover how governments were created, how they thrived, or how they failed. What he found...

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