Madison Childrens Hospital

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Madison Children’s Hospital
Sandie Hood
University Of Phoenix

The outline for grant proposal should consist of the following things. I. Title
II. Summary/Abstract should not be more than 100 words. III. Introduction
A. Background
Explain the situation
Show what created the problem
Show why that the problem is important
B. Statement of the Project Problem
Define the problem ones want to solve
Define ones audience
IV. Solution
A. Objectives
Explain what one will create to solve the problem
Show what one will produce during the period of the project. B. Time Schedule
Show when one wants to complete the project.
V. Conclusion
Show the potential value of the project
Explain the benefit of the expected population.
VI. Cite references
One has laid-out an outline that one should follow when writing a grant proposals.

In this assignment one will summarize the steps to writing a grant proposal for the Madison Children’s Hospital. The first steps in writing a grant proposal one need to defined the purpose and the importance of the program, describing the service environment and needs addressed, identifying target populations, defining measurable and attainable goals and objectives, scheduling activities and time lines, detailing staffing and management issues, developing an appropriate budget, recognizing an agency’s capacity, and developing an evaluation plan The Madison Children’s Hospital mission is to be the worldwide leader in improving children’s health by providing the highest quality health care. The leading source of research and discovery, educate the next generation of leaders, and to enhance the health and well-being of children and families in the local community. The organization is concerned about helping children with chronic illnesses within the community. Madison Children’s...
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