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Topics: Pretty Woman, United States, E pluribus unum Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Media Reaction Paper – “Pretty woman”
“E pluribus Unum”, unity in diversity, this is one of the mottos printed on the American dollar bill, on the great seal. Since its birth, United States of America was built in and on diversity: from the Native Americans associated with their tribal cultures, to the mosaic of Europeans, coming from different countries with their own agenda, and by the African slaves with attachment to their tribal spirit. People always look how every single report portrays diversity in America. Every good motion picture should have a moral objective. Besides, of this primary goal, the motion picture should attempt to represent the American landscape physically and mentally. To what extent the motion picture “Pretty woman” relies on stereotypes when depicting a certain group. A complete analysis of this movie will help verify if such movie has promoted a better understanding of diversity and multiculturalism.

“Pretty woman” is a classical movie in the American repertoire. It portrays geographically two megalopolis in America: Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) from New York City and Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) in the streets of Hollywood, Los Angeles. Edward symbolizes the cruel capitalism of Corporate America, he was very happy to dismantle his father’s company because of anger and vengeance. Vivian represents an unworthy class of citizens, the hookers. In fact, Vivian is good girl, choosing the wrong path in life. Edward, deep inside, shows pity for people in difficult financial situation, but his lawyer does not stop for nothing to make money. The hotel manager is naturally compassionate, but the Beverly Hills hotel, he has to follow certain standard, some clients who still dream about the century of Louis the 14th. The limo driver is a good black man, very proud, doing his job to the best of his ability. Vivian represents also the non-political correctness this day and age. She speaks her mind. Her friend portrays a Latino...
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