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Preparation for mentorship


This piece of work is part of the assessment strategy for the module preparation for mentorship, I will attempt to critically discuss and analysis the support I have put into place in relation to learning outcomes 2-5 whilst supporting a learner in practice. I will continue by examining strategies and decisions, identifying my own and students learning needs and styles, also examining theories surrounding learning and mentorship. Furthermore my roles and responsibilities as a mentor will be analyzed leading to an evaluation of how in future I could improve my own proficiency. Throughout this assignment I will be writing in first person as I will be reflecting on my personal teaching and learning experience with a student. Moon (2004) suggests that writing in first person provides more focus on oneself; therefore aiding the reflective process, Webb (1983) also argued that reflection is a personal activity and if it were written in third person would lose some of its richness. Reflection is valuable for nurses as it gives the means whereby they can track back systematically through various issues to arrive at new insights and the potential for improvement and change (Quinn 2000). Nevertheless Hand (2006) opposed this opinion and argued reflection is a difficult skill and requires much practice, it can make each individual over think every action thus leading to self doubt and indecision (Price 2006). The Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct (NMC 2008) identifies the need for maintaining confidentiality hence I will change my students name to Liz in order to uphold anonymity.

Outcome 2

I am currently a community staff nurse working within North Manchester; we have an extremely varied and busy caseload which can make daily visits challenging at times, nonetheless it is an exceptional placement area as it provides diverse learning opportunities for student nurses. I am enthusiastic and enjoy my job, the team I work within embrace and make all students feel welcome, it is essential to provide a supportive learning environment. Frankel (2009) highlighted that if the learning environment was positive and welcoming this would in addition improve the quality of care being received by patients. Literature furthermore implies that if student nurses feel valued by trained staff this will contribute to a positive learning environment, Hartman and Rotem (1994) revealed that nursing students highly valued positive relationships and had an acute need to feel that they belonged and are accepted in placement areas. On reflection to make Liz feel at ease and welcome a few weeks before she started placement I invited her to visit so I could introduce myself and other members of my team. This would furthermore help the relationship between

The way, in which we perceive learning influences how we teach (Hand 2006b), therefore before Liz started placement it was necessary to understand how other people learn. Learning styles, different to approaches to learning, is a term used to describe the attitudes and behaviours, which determine an individual’s preferred way of learning (Hand 2006b). Students can easily become bored and frustrated if the teaching method is only tuning into one type of learning style. The acronym VARK stands for Visual,Aural, Read/Write and Kin aesthetic, Fleming and Mills (1992) consider theses to be the sensory modalities used for learning all types of information. Fleming and Mills (1992) proposed that some people may prefer one type to another, yet research has found most people are multi-modal (Mohanna et al 2004), which implies combinations of sensory modalities are used. Taking this into consideration when teaching a new skill to Liz I planned to use a mixture of sensory modalities for example, providing written information, carrying out a practical session and discussing verbally the task which was covered.

There are several theories of teaching and...
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