Made to Order

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Made to order, E style
1.What was Dell’s original strategy?

Dell’s strategy is to sell directly to customer and build computer thru customer’s own specifications, which they made a dominant share on the market on made-to-order PC’s. This strategy also encompasses customer service which they entailed an ordering system through phone. These steps made by Dell are to make the customer comfortable.

2.Why is Dell losing the competitive edge of its original strategy?

As technology arises, a variety of PC configurations also arises in the market. This allows customers to choose in an infinite number of configurations which makes Dell lose its advantage. Another thing that made Dell lose its competitive edge is that the competitors adopted their idea having the customers to choose in a wide range of configurations and preferred brand.

3.What is Dell’s new strategy? How does the new strategy use IT? Has the new strategy replaced or supported the original strategy?

Dell’s new strategy is to use the web as way of commerce. This strategy supports Dell’s original strategy to make customer comfortable. A better relationship with Dell’s customers were cultivated through E style since inquiries and other customers questions can be answered within a minutes. Also, this gives Dell a more comfortable way of ordering system, cut cost in Phone calls.

4.Competitors ( such as IBM, Compaq) have adopted Dell’s Web initiative. What strategies would you suggest that could sustain the company’s competitive advantage?

A high switching cost can be applied by Dell; having the ordered PC’s will be given a longer time of warranty periods.

Recruiting on the Web

1.Obviously, hiring the right people is essential to a company’s smooth operation. And hiring the wrong person can be detrimental in many ways. One is the enormous cost involved in wasted time and money. Consider the following: what costs are involved when a company realizes that an employee does not fit in his or her job, either because of personality or because of lack of qualifications? Assume the bad match lasts for about one year. Explain each type of Cost?

Types of costs which can be accommodated with job mismatch,

Cost of training- training will be useless, another cost after cost upon hiring and training of new employee if there happens to be job mismatch. Cost of Delay- After an employee were indisposed, the replacement will be hard to find creating a delay on some processes due to under staff

2. What items should be included in resumes to make quick searches as productive as possible?

Some useful items to make quick searches be productive;
c.Winning Attitude
d.Preferred company
e.Preferred salary
f.Number of years want to stay with the company

3.What would you leave out of Cisco’s automated search and what would you still do manually? (in other words,would you still read resumes rather than search through them and, if so, why?)

Searching resumes thru this (Cisco and other same web recruitment) helps reduce the time needed for looking the right person for the right job. A bunch of available potential employee is out there in the wilds, by just searching them out, they can be easily sorted out then ask for an interview later on. A possible risk may be encountered in this type of human resourcing, one is that the resumes been searching is unreliable, sometimes not up-to-date, and need to clarify with the person in the resume.

4.Would you be comfortable providing personal details about yourself on line to a company at which you want to work? Explain.

As a job seeker, there can be risk to provide personal details. But providing personal details helps the company know you better, a more chances to be hired and ask for interview as a result. Given that the personal details provided are very useful for the current position needed and company’s preference.

5.What else...
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