Made in the Image of God

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Made In the Image of God

The idea of the image of God dwells at the heart of the biblical doctrine of humanity. In that regarding to man, both male and female, in one form or another resembles the Creator, and therefore provides important and significant value and meaning for the human race. A biblical worldview and the image of God would have to begin with God in the book of Genesis, first chapter, verse one. It is seeing the world, the beginning, people in the world, the issues of the world, and the future of the world through God’s Spoken Word.

The Bible declares we (humans) are created in God’s image and some of us get the meaning of this wrong. Most people think this refers to being creative, sentient, knowing right from wrong, etc. On the contrary, each person formed in the image of God, has unique talents, full of dignity and gifts to use to glorify God. Many believers fail to discover their vocation because they do not totally comprehend what it means to be made in the image of God.

Over the years, believers have heard pastors and theologians say repeatedly that their created in the image of God, but what does that mean? It is a complicated idea. However, the image of God is the foundational idea for understanding our worth and purpose in life, which starts in Genesis 1: 26-28, commonly referred to as imago Dei. [[?]] Understanding how being created in God’s image; helps us understand our primitive worth as a creation made by The Heavenly Father. There is much discussed regarding the words “image” and “likeness in verse 26.” Some arguing the different distinctions between the two, while other imply that they can be used interchangeably. [[?]] All things considered there is a lot to be said for the former concept, but modern scholars favor the latter. After creating humanity God instantly imposes on them the responsibility of caring and ruling over the created order.

In Genesis 5: 1-3 these two words appear again, where the image of God and Adam is likened to the image of Adam and Seth. [[?]] Hence, we gather from these verses that our significance links us to our Creator. In fact, if God is inestimable and of great worth, then humanity created in his image must have tremendous value respectively.

The image of God in us endured our fall into sin. Illustrated in Genesis 9:6, [[?]] God forbids murder on the basis that humanity is created in His image. In other words, this verse tells to us that even after the fall into sin, humanity still holds the image of God to some degree or another. [[?]] This also confirms humanity as the crowing act of creation; created in His likeness, a little lower than Him-self; and that humanity is given dominion over the earth, with everything placed under their feet.

In the New Testament, we are told again that humanity was created in God’s image. James 3:9 and 1 Corinthians 11:7 [[?]] reveals the image of man as a rationale for restricting cursing, yet, should allow certain acts of worship to be performed. Again reaffirming that the image may have been damaged by sin, but not completely lost. [[?]] “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse the man who is made in the likeness of God.” [[?]] All things considered, how we treat each other is an indication of how we value God.

In my reading, there is a favorite quote which appears in the book “The Weight of Glory,” by C. S. Lewis, [[?]] which says, “There are no ordinary people. You will never meet a mere mortal.” [[?]] Keeping this in mind, the people you see every day, namely the ones to whom you give very little attention will live forever either under the judgment or salvation. Even the most inconspicuous person is not ordinary in God’s eyes. In view of this truth, how do we uphold the dignity of the people around us?

Today, most believers focus on self-worth, and dignity without every mentioning one word of our sinfulness. There are...
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