Made in China a Threat to India

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CHEAP Chinese goods are flooding the Indian markets and Indian industry is finally waking up to the flip side of globalisation. As a wide range of cheap Chinese products flooded the Indian market, some local industries were adversely affected, while others benefited by using these products as raw materials The Chinese are exporting to India a wide range of low-cost consumer goods that have a mass market in India such as kitchen-ware, textiles, electronic items, furniture, toys, cosmetics, footwear and accessories. In fact in the last four years, there has been a deluge of cheap imports from China tyres, bicycles, watches and clocks, toys, plastics and dyes, and bulk drugs In the very near future Indian scooter and motorcycle manufacturers are going to face stiff competition from the Chinese. The sector that will be worst hit will be the smallscale sector. The Chinese export import corporations are financially stronger, have more efficient processes and turn out goods at extremely cheap prices. Armed with competitive advantage of low price the Chinese are moving in new markets at a feverish pace and Indian exports will also come under serious threat with the entry of China into the WTO.

The flood of Chinese imports has raised temperatures all around, questions have been asked in Parliament, and the many chambers of commerce have beseeched the government to protect Indian domestic industry from the new Chinese invasion.

In most cases Indian product's are better than their Chinese counterparts but as India is a price sensitive market, Chinese product's are sold more. Compare to India, China is the worlds factory floor andthe worlds greatest market opportunity, Chinese products in India have good and bad both effects but bad effects are greater than the good one First talk about good effects. There are large part of India living below poverty line and does not have resources to buy luxury products. But Chinese products provide them this opportunity to know and...
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